How I Can Help You 

All of us go through difficult, even heartbreaking, experiences. But if you are feeling overwhelmed by the problems facing you now, the professional help of a compassionate psychotherapist might be just the support you need to find the solutions that work for you, your partner, and your family.

I offer counseling and psychotherapy that deals with those issues close to the human heart—what we love, what we hate, what we fear, what we hope for. It might seem that such things would be obvious to everyone, but it can be surprisingly hard to understand not only what we want but why we want it. That’s where a good therapist and counselor comes in, one who is trained and objective, but equally important, one who is compassionate and respectful. I can help you work through issues and difficulties that might otherwise seem insurmountable.

Counseling is a collaborative partnership built on trust and acceptance. As a therapist, one of my most important responsibilities is to listen and accept you for who you are. I don’t judge, criticize, or tell you how you’re supposed to live your life. Instead, you and I together explore who you are as an individual—your current relationships, your work and hobbies, your childhood, the feelings or behaviors that cause you pain—and I listen carefully to your unconscious as it speaks to you in dreams. Through this process, aspects of yourself that may have been unrecognized or unacknowledged come to light in ways that can be life changing. In other words, you come to know your own heart to a deeper and more meaningful degree. As a therapist and counselor, my job is to help you in that journey of self-understanding.

If you would like a free, 15-minute telephone consultation to discuss these matters further, please call me at 559-579-8787.