Couples Therapy

Few things can be more frustrating and heartbreaking than the inability to connect with a spouse or partner you love and whom you believe loves you. Yet instead of closeness, acceptance, and safety, the two of you seem to be experiencing only conflict, disagreement, and isolation from one another.  And nothing you try to do seems to help the situation.

In working with couples, I help them to reconnect by increasing each one's awareness of their spouse or partner's emotional experience of the relationship. It can be quite a revelation to see ourselves through the eyes of another, to understand what it's like for the other person to live with us, but it's also a very healing experience. 

Most couples can identify what is troubling their relationship, but they can't see a solution because they don't understand what lies behind those troubles, where they came from and why they remain. In couples therapy, I work with you to achieve that understanding, so as to find a way to heal the relationship.

Couples therapy is for heterosexual, gay, and lesbian couples. Partners do not have to be married to participate in and benefit from such therapy.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please call me for a free, 15-minute telephone consultation at 559-579-8787.