Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender

Individual and Couples Therapy

I'm sure it will be no surprise to you if I say that gay and lesbian individuals deal with many of the same problems as do their heterosexual friends and family members. Depression, anxiety, relationship problems--such issues arise in each of our lives, regardless of our sexual orientation. But that is only part of the story, isn't it? Regardless of the problems they may face, heterosexuals rarely face rejection and discrimination because of their attraction to the opposite sex. I wish that were also true for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender individuals, but it's not.  Many gays and lesbians must frequently deal with homophobia and rejection by loved ones simply because they are trying to live their lives sincerely and openly.

Whether or not your particular issue directly relates to your sexual orientation, you can be assured that therapy with me will be empathetic and non-judgmental.  One's sexual orientation is never the problem. The problem arises when we don't understand why our attempts to cope with life are not as successful as we want them to be. I see my responsibility as helping you to achieve that goal.


If you would like to talk more with me about these issues, please call for a free, 15-minute telephone consultation at 559-579-8787.